Frequently asked Questions

What is Algon suitable for use on?

Tarmac, flagstones, decking, conservatories (glass and plastic), slate and felt roofs, walls (painted and unpained), fencing (wood and concrete), garden sheds, greenhouses, garden statues, plant pots, pebbles, garden furniture, canopies & fabrics, ponds, bird baths, ornamental water features*, astroturf & artifical grass, all weather tennis courts, access ramps, car parks, play areas & more.

When To Apply?

Any time of year. For best results, apply in dry conditions. 

How To Apply?

For best results apply in dry conditions allowing the application enough time to dry before rain is expected. For the Algon CONCENTRATE dilute 1 part Algon to 3 parts water and apply preferably with a garden sprayer set to deliver droplets. Alternatively a soft broom or paint brush will do; a watering can is often wasteful. Wet the surface evenly spreading at approximately 5 to 6 square metres per litre.

Algon will scorch grass, foliage and flowers where it makes contact. It is not a systemic product. Excess wetting or puddling may results in small patches of a white residue forming; this is harmless and will weather away. Non-metallic implements are recommended for application purposes; rinse implements after use. Do not throw rinse water on grass or plants.

Do I rinse it off later?

No, simply leave to allow the active ingredients time to work.

What are the results?

Algon will start to clear the surface within a week or so and stays active, cleaning progressively for months to come. Oil stains and grime will require alternative treatment.

How long will the treatment last?

Approximately 9 months to 1 year. This depends on the absorbency of the material being treated; it's location and the weather conditions.

What about my pets, pond fish and wildlife?

Algon is safe for pets and wildlife even when wet. Normal overspray or run-off entering ponds will not harm fish or pond life but care should be taken to always keep this to a minimum.

What about plants?

Algon will scorch grass, foliage and flowers where it makes contact; normal overspray or run-off falling on soil will not harm established roots but care should be taken to always keep this to a minimum.

Can I use Algon for water features?

Yes, if it does not contain fish/plants. Preferably rinse birdbaths after treatment. 


Algon has a shelf life of many years.

Can I paint or use decking oil over Algon?

Yes, Algon will not affect any type of paint or stain. Wait for the surface to clear for up to 10 days and proceed as paint manufacturer's recommendations. You do not need to rinse off the area prior to applying the paint or oil stain product.

What area will it cover?

2.5ltr container - 60 sqaure metres approximately.

20ltr drum - 480 square metres approximately.

* A small amount of Algon entering pond water will not harm fish or plant life but care should be taken to keep run-off to a minimum when working around ponds. Caution: Algon is not recommended for use on marble, unpainted steel and galvanised surfaces. May temporarily discolour lead. Spot test coloured paving flags. Spot test any material not listed. Always read the label.

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