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  1. Algon 2.5 Litres Concentrate x 2 Bottles.

    A compact size with each bottle covering an average of 60 square metres subject to the absorbency of the surface to be treated and can be applied with either a garden sprayer, soft broom, or paint brush. *A watering can may be used but is wasteful.

    Please note UK mainland delivery is included in all our prices but a minimum order quantity of 2 bottles applies to the 2.5ltr concentrate.  

    We have a pricing structure in place so the cost of each bottle comes down if you order more (discounts will be shown when you add products to your cart)

    • 2 x 2.5ltr £21.94
    • 4 x 2.5ltr £34.66
    • 6 x 2.5ltr £44.86
    • 8 x 2.5ltr £50.98


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  2. £50.96

    Algon 20 Litre Concentrate Drum

    For larger areas we supply a 20 litre drum that can cover an average of 480 square metres (the equivalent of a tennis court) subject to the absorbency of the surface.



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